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 Shop Limpet IRL 

Lolabon - Bedfordshire

Handmade Nottingham - Nottingham

The Pet Emporium - East Kilbride, Scotland

Beasley's - Hull

Love from Betty - Camberley

Madchair - Blackburn

The Consortium - Winchester

R People - Margate

Quince & Cook - Perth, Scotland

Skinnydip - London

Bookmark - Lincolnshire

Lunacy Boutique - Port Talbot, Wales

 Love Lucy Boutique - Chorlton, Manchester

Thunderegg - Northern Quarter, Manchester

Go Easy - Dallas, Texas, USA

Cova Collections - Bear Creek, North Carolina, USA

Gasp - Florida, USA

Kate Dylan - Idaho, USA

Refugium - Germany

Belle General - Canada

Hufschmiede City - Austria

The Wouf Store - France 





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